A Lost Forest

"A Lost Forest"

Four decades of roaming the woods of the West have left me both inspired and saddened. The inspiration comes from the incredible beauty of morning mists moving up through the tree-covered flanks of Mt Rainier, the sadness generated by the loss of ancient Whitebark pine dying from summers too hot and not enough winter on the Yellowstone Plateau.

I will always be wandering these forests, never without a camera, but I have decided I need to stop for a moment, collect my thoughts, pare down my tens of thousands of images to just the right amount to tell my story, and then tell it. So I am doing that, and my plan is to have a large-format book published soon.

As I near completion of this project I will be featuring some of the material here on my web site. I trust you will enjoy it, and maybe even go out and hug a tree.

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